Drenjak, a substitute Cranberry Sauce.

cranberry sauce

Cranberry Sauce using Drenjak as a substitute.

Tamara makes some cranberry sauce from the fruit from some of the trees in our garden.

Tamara’s ingredients:

2Kg Drenjak

1 large cup of sugar (we are cutting down on sweeteners)

Splash of Orange Juice

Teaspoon of Cinnamon

Boil until thick or till it splits in the middle with a wooden spoon.

Then Jar it!

Drenjak are found all over the Balkans having been brought by the Turks during their 540 year occupation of the region.

We have two trees in our garden and most Drenjak trees weren’t deliberately planted but just grew from the pollen that was dissipated by the elements.

You can find more about Drenjak HERE.

Drenjak translates to Dogwood in English.

Drenjak a substitute cranberry sauce.

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