digital storytelling – me?

digital storytelling - me?

I never ever thought that I would be associated with Digital Storytelling.

I supposed I have stumbled into it.

It certainly wasn’t planned and I really never grasped the concept that documenting your life for future generations to look at was storytelling either digitally or otherwise.

I like the idea that these days everyone has the ability to record and save snippets of their lives so that grandchildren, great grandchildren and even further away in time, can be able to see “how it was back then”.

digital storytelling - me?

Not everyone agrees with that idea, but, hey! we’re all different, right?

I remember trying to take photos of my kids growing up. But for me it was so laborious.

Cameras were expensive, not that easy to use for a layman, then the photos had to be processed and put into albums.

Big bulky books that took up space. The photos even fell out most of the time.

My stabs at this almost invariably resulted into the photos being put into plastic carrier bags (to be archived at some later point in time).

So these new digital tools (smart phones etc) are just for me.

Being online, connected with social media has seen me make some amazing “virtual” aquaintences.

One of these has been Digital storyteller Roger Overall, who lives in Ireland and produces a podcast called “ Behind the Pixels”.

Lasy year he contacted me and wanted to talk about the videos I produce for my Vlog, about my life in Bosnia.

He was interested in the fact that in the main I use a smartphone and easy apps to keep things simple and to cut down on the time I invest in producing films.

In this episode of Behind the Pixels, he asked me to talk about telling appealing stories using smartphone video.

digital storytelling – me?

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