I Need to Find Out More About Montenegro.

Find Out More About Montenegro

I need to find out more about Montenegro.

I get to visit Montenegro at least twice every year.

It’s become a tradition.

Tamara and I (well more Tamara to be honest) drive the 8 or so hours south from northern Bosnia and Herzegovina through some amazing countryside to Prčanj, a small town on the banks of the bay of Kotor.

It’s an exhausting journey to be honest as its all on non motorway roads.

Tam and I come down to Prčanj for a break.

Our lifestyle is far from that of most Balkan people. We are lucky enough to almost do what we want how and when we want.

We are Balkan based Digital Nomads.

Here in Prčanj, we are not too far from the town of Kotor, (a short 15 minute drive or a reasonable 40 minute walk) and which is simply exquisite.

Prčanj itself, is compact.

Like most of Montenegro it has its own legends and stories to tell.

Find Out More About Montenegro

Find Out More About Montenegro

Find Out More About Montenegro

Find Out More About Montenegro

Find Out More About Montenegro

There are only a few small convenience stores providing “the essentials”, but a good selection of shoreline restaurants catering to the myriad of tourists, mainly it seems, (to me at least) from the Ukraine, Russia and the United Kingdom.

So we come down, unpack and just chill and hangout.

Mobile internet is very reasonable and efficient. Enough for our “nomadic” needs.

The thing is though, that in all the times coming here, have never really felt like tourists.

It was only last year for example, that I wanted to explore the amazing castle that overlooks Kotor. What an experience.

I will do that again for sure.


We are already planning a third visit this year, in October, when the weather will be considerably cooler and the area less crowded.

It’s during this third trip that Tamara and I are going to make a concerted effort to find out and learn more about Montenegro.

We are looking at taking some guided tours, visiting lesser known spots in the country and hopefully take you along through the blog here or my YouTube channel.

The planning continues.

So if you would like us to check something out for you, or you are in the tourism industry in Montenegro and would like us to cover your business or activity, then please contact us by E-mail or on any of our social media platforms.

We would love to discuss with you.

I Need to Find Out More About Montenegro.

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