Crossing the Georgia – Abkhazia Bridge

Crossing the Georgia - Abkhazia Bridge

Crossing The Georgia – Abkhazia Bridge.

Today I crossed back into Georgia from Abkhazia.

My 2 day adventure has been really cool.

The situation here is very political and I don’t do politics!

If you want to find out more about Georgia and Abkhazia and the ABL click HERE.

Here’s my journey across the ABL (Administrative Boundary Line).

The clicking you can hear is a plastic clip from my back back. I am breathing a lot because it was 38C and my pack was HEAVY!

And the last clips are a but blurry because I didn’t check that my ollo clip lens was correctly positioned on my iPhone, so sorry for that.

Hope you enjoy experiencing something that not many people do!

Crossing The Georgia – Abkhazia Bridge

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