Getting Behind the Scenes with

Getting Behind the Scenes
Getting Behind the Scenes

Chef Predrag Tošić starts to Create another Culinary Delight

I have been extremely fortunate to be able to collaborate with the editorial team at Mondo BA and to start creating vlogs that will enhance my storytelling, for you, from here in the Western Balkans.

There are a lot of exciting ideas and stories for the future, covering almost everything about the region, EXCEPT politics and religion.

So today I take a sneak peak, behind the scenes, of mondo creating a series of cookery videos for their online portal.

In today’s digital world, the technical paraphernalia of equipment that used to be required back in the analogue age to create visual content is no longer needed.

Today’s resources are small, highly portable, and mobile.

Today’s producers are called content creators and creativity is the key to success.

The mondo team are just bursting with creativity, so hopefully my vlog and blog can add a little value.

Getting Behind the Scenes with

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