Being an “In Betweener”

In Betweener

It’s a sunny start to the week.

I have pulled the blinds down a little to stop the glare of the sun blinding me. A cool thing to be doing on the 22nd of January, when typically there should be overcast skies and damp weather if not even snow.

I think a lot, about what being “An Englishman in the Balkans” actually means to me.

Finding an identity.

I read a blog post recently about an American lady who had moved to Iceland and felt out of place at times.

She said that she was neither a Citizen or a Tourist, but more like some thing in between.

And do you know what?

That’s me. Exactly.

An “in betweener”.

This realisation means that the multi-media content I create for publishing on the internet, can cover a wider, more creative footprint, than I had thought of before.

Time to Crack On!

Being an “In Betweener”

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