Balkan Food – Kotlić.


Living here in the north west of Bosnia and Herzegovina means that I am constantly exposed to the various traditional and cultural activities that pop up pretty unannounced from time to time.

I never ever tire of it.

Take for example a typical Friday. We are all sitting together discussing what to eat for the weekend and Tamara’s father, Predrag suggests Kotlić.

Balkan Food - Kotlić

Predrag is a master when it comes to Kotlić.

Kotlić is actually the name of a traditional metal container with a handle but seems to now be associated with a variation in Goulash with a Balkan, rather than Hungarian twist. Well that’s how I view it.

The meal is cook in an open container over an open, wood fuelled fire.

Balkan Food - Kotlić

The basic ingredients for our meal:

Homemade Tomato sauce (not ketchup)
Red Bell a Pepper
Herbs to your liking

Basically the onions and bacon are fried off then the ingredients into the Kotlić.

Add water and cook for 2-2.5 hours.

The skill comes from the experience of cooking without an oven thermometer or a watch!

Balkan Food - Kotlić

Predrags just “knows” when it’s ready.

We accompanied our meal with fresh bread, picked cucumbers, Ajvar and Tamara made an amazingly refreshing salad from young cheese (almost like a thick joghurt) mixed with diced fresh spring onions and cucumber from the garden.


Predrag and I had domestic rakija from the Tuzla area of the country.
The ladies had domestic red wine from a nearby micro vineyard.
Young Viktoria had fruit juice.

All in all a wonderful social afternoon.

If you would like to find out more about my life here in the village or the western Balkans in general just comment below or drop me a line on the contacts page.

Balkan Food – Kotlić

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