Kotlić – Traditional Cooking in the Balkans

Kotlić - Traditional Cooking in the Balkans

Tamara’s father cooks a traditional Balkans meal for our guest, Bruce, who is visiting from the UK.

A Kotlić is a regional style of metal bowl, that is suspended by chains, over an open fire.

The meal that was cooked for us comprised of beef and pork with carrots, mushrooms, herbs and spices.

The real skill is to know when the meal is cooked ready to eat.

the meal

The meal we enjoyed was a massive meze of sliced meats and cheese to start followed by a hearty soup, the “stew” from the Kotlić and traditional coffee and kolać to finish. Real traditional cooking in the balkans.

Waist-belts needed to be relaxed let me tell you!

And of course, the wider family is always invited!

A recipe you might want to try yourself:

0.7-1kg of onion finely chopped
a few carrots finely chopped
a couple cups of water
(place these in the pot to simmer while you are peeling your potatoes)
1.5kg of potatoes cut into 1cm X 1cm cubes
when your onions and carrots start getting a bit mushy, add in the potatoes.
let it cook. the longer you cook it the better it gets. it is all about sitting back, relaxing, drinking a few pivos, etc
pork… add in as much pork as you like. cut it into small cubes.
when the potatoes are mushy you can add the pork into the pot.
add  1 litre of tomato sauce
black pepper around 10-15 grams
add red pepper around 7 grams
add 1 or 2 tiny chopped chili peppers
add 3-4 grams of Caraway seeds
add around 10 grams of Oregano
if you have Vegeta in your country add around 15-20gr
Vegeta is a mix of spices with salt, like garlic,onion
if not than add regular salt
after you add the spices wait around 30 min then take it off the fire and serve it!

We hope you enjoy our culturally focussed Vlogs here on our blog.

Kotlić – Traditional Cooking in the Balkans

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