Climbing up to Kotor’s castle of San Giovanni

climbing up to kotor's castle of san giovanni - montenegro

Climbing up to Kotor’s castle of San Giovanni

I am a day late with writing this post.

Yesterday I decided to complete something I had been promising myself for at least the last 5 years of visits to Kotor.

Each time we have come here, I look up at the impressive castle of St John, (San Giovanni), that overlooks the beautiful walled town of Kotor, at the lines of people walking up the old city walls and wanting to be doing that myself.

In previous years (visits) there have been a ream of reasons why there’s been no time or opportunity.

Well this visit there hasn’t. The only obstacle I could see was the weather, the scorchingly hot weather. But to be honest that was an easy solve by simply climbing as early as I could in the morning.

So the die was struck and on Tuesday morning, Tamara dropped me off at 0700 at the nearest entrance in the city walls from where I could start the climb.

Its been 31-35C during the days recently, so an early start equals cool and breezy.

I had already read through the trip advisor comments regarding the walk (climb) and felt slightly uneasy due to my present abysmal state of fitness, but as I have always said, ‘no pain, no gain”

Rather than write about the few gruelling (for me) hours I spent climbing, here’s a vlog I recorded, that sums up my feelings and experiences far better than the written word.

I have also included a gallery of images I took as well.

Click on the image below to see the gallery.

Kotor, Castle Walk, August 2015

Let me know what you think, AND, if you’ve climbed to the castle what your thoughts were.

It would be so cool to compare notes.

Climbing up to Kotor’s castle of San Giovanni

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