Building confidence as a small Youtuber.

small Youtuber.

Building confidence as a small Youtuber.

I lack confidence making  vlogs.

I do.

The thing that keeps me going is that I want this “Hobby” of mine to get better. I would like to learn skills and to get these skills through “hard knocks”, in other words making tons of mistakes.

I would like, of course to get a considerable subscriber base of viewers so I can share my experiences here where I live with a wider audience.

That sounds like ego coming into play. Right?

I class my self as a small youtuber. I most probably wont aspire to making any money off my channel, but then again thats not really the intent.

But how can we gain confidence as small vloggers.

Thats what I ask in today’s vlog.


Building confidence as a small Youtuber

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