T Shirt Weather in January!

T shirt

How the world changes.

As a young boy I remember the seasons as distinct parts of the year, almost like a clock you could plan to.

Winter in the UK back then was miserably cold and damp, never proper snow rather slushy half frozen dirty water.

I even remember some amazingly smoggy winters.

Smog is distinctly worse than the worst type of fog. Smoke mixed with fog.

We had terrible pollution from inefficient industries.

Summers were short, yes, but hot (by UK standards) and sunny.

Later in I lived for many years in Germany with gorgeously hot summers and frighteningly crispy cold winters.

Good times 😀

Arriving in the Balkans in the late 1990’s I got used to even hotter summers and even colder winters.

The seasons were distinct, even to the point of almost occupying a quarter of the year each.

Some 17 years later, those summers have got really hotter and the winter (still very cold) so much shorter.

Only the other week I was digging out of a sizeable snow dump here in the village.

Good for my aerobic fitness and sense of humour.

Today I am walking around in a T Shirt. The coming week forecasts 17C. The sun is warm on my back and the sky is more blue than white fluffy clouds.

Nature (even to my city dude eyes) is definitely confused, not knowing whether to burst into colour or stay hibernating.

Is this me living through an historic global warming caused by mankinds development?

Or is it just another natural phenomenon like the ice ages of maybe a million years ago?

I simply haven’t a clue.

I really am confused dot com.

T Shirt

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