Weather can be very cruel indeed

Weather can be very cruel

So, AT LEAST another 3-4 days of coping with this level of snow.

Then heavy rain is forecast.

I have the terrible fear that the country is in for a third year of extremely serious flooding.

We are (so far) lucky, as we are on high ground and in previous years the water has cascaded downwards, passing us by.

In most countries flooding causes material damage and sometimes fatalities.

Weather can be very cruel
We get all that, PLUS some 200,000+ mines moving, as the uncleared, and previously “marked” minefields dislodge.

There are no minefields in our area but some 30km away there are.

The chaos created in areas like that are unbelievable.

Many people really suffer unfairly across all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
But then again, when was life ever “fair”?

This morning’s picture postcard views as I awake, hide that real story.

Weather can be very cruel

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