10 Cool Balkans Instagram Accounts

I really like using Instagram.

Instagram has changed over time from being a platform for just photography to that of a micro-blog/vlog and has or seems to be, a very influential location for businesses to sell products.

I use the platform to post an almost running documentary (in images and video stories) of my life here in the Balkans (and my travels away), to the world, as it happens, from my mobile device.

So, I am glad Instagram came along.

I think I saw its value for me from day one!

Instagram is simply amazing at letting people tell their digital stories with either images or video and some accompanying text and hashtags for context.

I think it's the most visually stimulating app in the various app stores.If you are an "instagrammer" and would like to see my Balkan related images, you can do that HERE.

My aim is to Inspire, Educate, Entertain

You might also like to check out my 10 Cool Instagram Accounts About the Balkans To Follow, that give other pictorial perspectives of the region and who I enjoy following.

Here they are :

Obviously, these are just SOME of my favourites that I follow.

What are your favourite "instagramers" or accounts?

Let me know so I can share them as well.