The Gondolas of Banja Luka

For most tourists a visit to Venice is incomplete without a ride in one of the Gondolas.

The same rule applies when visiting Banja Luka. A ride in Banja Luka's traditional boat, the Dajak, is a unique experience that you don't want to miss when you are in the city.

The name Dajak comes from the wooden pole, some 4 meters long, that is used to push the boat against the current of the River Vrbas, where a paddle would not be helpful, because the river is not deep enough.

The River Vrbas' current is notoriously fast.

Today, Dajaks are used within 15 kilometres of the city in the shallow sections of the River Vrbas.

Dajak's used to be bigger than they are today, and have been used for centuries to transport goods and people down the river.

Allegedly Banja Luka did not have too many bridges centuries ago hence using Dajaks in a commercial way. Once the bridges were built, they were taxed, so again Dajaks were a great commercial option for transporting.

In the late nineteen sixties Dajaks got a modern makeover. Today they are used for relaxation and sport. The person that steers the “Dajak" is called a “Dajakaš".

Dajaks are seven metres long and made from pine (fir). The most striking details are are on the stern and bow of the boat (pitz), which are made from one piece of wood.

Steering a Dajak is not very hard. It's just important to master the technique.

Today it's not uncommon to see women steering Dajaks on the Vrbas.

So when coming to Banja Luka in the late sorting to late summer, take advantage of the unique opportunity to get to know the city from the River perspective, along with an experienced “Dajakaše.

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