The Banja Luka Tulip

Banja Luka Tulip.

I know I am a bit late to the party here, but this tulip is named "Banja Luka".

It looks pretty cool to me.

In 1974, a team of Banja Luka florists led by Petar Đurić, created this tulip for a florist company in Holland.

The tulip is made by crossing two colours of the red and Yellow "Apeldoorn" variety.

This tulip was cultivated in the Netherlands for both European and world markets. The Dutch Museum of Tulips has confirmed this species,  and it is named after the town on the River Vrbas.

I can't get any of these for this season, but next year I will deffo plant some bulbs.

Last year I said it would be great if the city fathers planted their own bulbs in their Spring flower beds in the city.

Well they did!

Hats Off to the mayor and his team!I'll have to look where to get some bulbs from this gorgeous tulip, so we can have some in the garden here in the village.

Images in this post are courtesy of Tamara Pejčinović