Burgers and More

Disclaimer: I am receiving no benefits financially, or "in kind" for this post!

Today I wanted to just write a few more thoughts, to add to why I keep saying that visiting Banja Luka (and Bosnia and Herzegovina) makes for an exciting, adventurous and above all, exceedingly GREAT value holiday experience

It's all about costs (or lack thereof). Bear with me.

bajka bar banja luka

You might not understand the language in this image, so let me explain.

This is a page from the Menu of a highly recommended "eatery", hidden away in the quaint traditional back streets of central Banja Luka.

You'll easily get that these are the burgers on offer.

I can tell you, without favour or affection, that they are prepared to perfection, not massed produced and the accompanying sides included are quality too.

The currency here in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the convertible mark (km), or officially referred to as BAM. It's unique as you can only use it in BiH and as far as I am aware can't buy or sell the currency outside the country.

UPDATE: Just found out that you can get the currency in Dubai!

Back to this post.

You'll see the price of the most expensive burger is some £4.50 (€5.10). Compared to London or Munich that's cheap. No other way to describe it.

Bajka Bar Banja Luka

Eating out in BiH, you are offered an extremely diverse range of places at prices that ........... well, simply can't be beaten anywhere in Europe, or in fact, most of the region.

OK. Maybe Macedonia, but you get what I mean.If you want to find out more about "eating out" in BiH, why not drop me a comment at the bottom of this page?


And want to know where this eatery I have written about is?

Bajka Bar Banja Luka

It's the Bajka Koncept Bar.

Located at Brace Mazar i majke Marije 52, in Banja Luka.Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

Their menu is very varied!

Not just Burgers!