Buying a Bride

Tamara and I recently attend a Serbian Wedding.

It was for a member of Tamara's extended family.

It was an amazing day from watching the bride being "bought", to the procession to the church, the service itself, and of course, an AMAZING reception.

Until about 1846 the bride really was purchased with large amounts of money or Gold.

Today this custom always takes place at the bride’s house before church. It is the the groom’s brother or cousin that negotiates with the bride’s siblings.

Finally, the bride comes out and the brother or cousin of the groom stays by her side to keep her “safe” until the ceremony.

We didn't document the whole day, but we wanted to show you the first part of the day, "Buying the Bride".

In our video, you can see round, decorated, wooden bottles being carried by some men.

Buklia are filled with homemade brandy.

These are called Buklia and are filled with homemade brandy.

A very traditional item at Serbian Weddings and Christenings.

We hope you liked this video.