Cheese from Drvar

Drvar Cheese

I love Cheese.

Especially those soft and smelly ones like a good ripe French Camembert.

Of course, Blue cheeses favour highly in my Cheese Chart as do Cheddars.

To be honest to an Englishman, Cheddar will always rate highly.

Over the years I have lived here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there have been occasions where we have been able to find "exotic" cheeses such as "Rougette" and "Haluomi", but it's never been the norm.

Most cheeses sold are either domestic varieties, or the staple Gouda and Edam imported from Germany (you would have thought the Netherlands?).

Domestic cheeses from Bosnia and Herzegovina are, in the main, very tasty indeed.

With hard cheeses, soft (especially the young cheeses) and salty varieties.

Cow, Sheep and Goat are all on offer.

Disclaimer:I AM NOT the greatest goat cheese fan!It also seems that every mountain in the country offers both a cow and sheep product. Sheep from the higher grazing and cow, the lower.

Driving around the country you'll clearly see cheeses being sold at the side of the road. The prices are, how can I best describe, exceedingly cost effective.

Something to experience when you come to visit maybe?

Anyway back to the image with this post.

We have the good fortune to order, a cheese that's one of my favourites, from the area around the small town of Drvar.

It's tasty and a medium hard cheese.

Great to eat accompanied with rakija.

So here's the latest delivery of "Drvarski Sir", collected from the family that made it, using traditional methods.

Just over 1.4kg at a cost 14 BAM (€7.00 or £6.20).

Bonus :)

Whats your FAVE Cheese?