The Etno Muzej at Ljubačke Doline

I have always been fascinated by history.Looking back in time and learning about how people lived, their experiences and stories that lead to the way we live our lives today.History has incredibly good as well as incredibly bad moments. For every nation and every culture.

Petar Kočić:

“He who honestly and passionately cherishes truth, freedom and his fatherland, is free and fearless as God, yet despised and hungry as a dog.”

Sadly, the realities of bad events seem to be white-washed too often, where factual history is re-written to be replaced with legends.

That's why I love visiting living museums.

To see and touch things as they were "back in the day".

Not too far south of Banja Luka is an amazing cultural " living museum", in the village of Lijubačke Doline.

Tamara and I have visited the museum a number of times in the past.

So this year we said we would go before the tourist season so as to have more space and time to explore.

We were almost alone there, so had the freedom to photograph, video and fly our pocket sized drone without getting in people's way.

The owner and founder of the museum was kind enough to give us his time and to tell us a lot about his dream and what he wants to achieve with this "Living History" project.

The museum is based on an "ethnic village" scenario, in other words, houses rebuilt in traditional style with the contents of various houses showing how life would have beenIt is a truly inspiring place, and I learned much more about the South Slavic people's that I live amongst.

Here are a few more videos we have made.

Here's a short "hyperlapse" walk around the living museum.