Finding Yugoslavia

We're back on the banks of the Bay of Kotor, enjoying a relaxing break, with the addition on this visit, of my brother Trevor, who has flown in from the UK.

We certainly like to visit Montenegro at least once a year. Yes, it's a small country and population, but it has a lot to offer.

Our accommodation this time is situated on the "border" between Prčanj and Stoliv. It's nothing luxurious and to be honest quite small. It's the fun, adventure and relaxation that are the ingredients for a successful holiday.

Well that's what we think.

It's also huge fun introducing Trevor to Crna Gora.

Not far from our holiday apartment is a very large, derelict hotel. Hotel Vrmac.

It dominates this part of the shoreline community.

It's clearly not been used for sometime.

As far as we can ascertain, the hotel used to be used in the former Jugoslavija as a convalescence facility for people with breathing complications or issues.

During the period of the break up of Yugoslavia, it fell into disrepair.

To be honest it does looks a bit of an eyesore these days.

Trevor and I decided to document the current state with some simple photography and a short video.

Researching the hotel online, it seems there are plans for repair and refurbishments.

If somehow the Hotel Vrmac could be brought back to it's former glory, I think that would be great.

Time will tell.

If you have any anecdotes or stories that feature the Hotel Vrmac, please do get in touch.