Internet Tips for Tourists to Montenegro

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Tamara and I have been visiting Montenegro, annually from 2010, since, to be honest, Croatia started to get too expensive for us.

We come for 10 days, twice a year, based in Prćanj, on the shoreline of Boko Bay (Kotor).

It's a great place to visit, thats for sure.

For those that follow the blog,  our videos and podcasts on our social media channels, you will know that we like to be "connected" as much as possible, for as long as possible.

Normally when we travel, we flit like digital butterflies from free wifi to free wifi, as we are not always able to get local SIM cards that offer data only packages and those that do, can be horrendously expensive or limited in what can be provided.

Montenegro is a very small country that seems to be embracing digital as fast as it can.

The entire country is covered by mobile networks.

We have found that the Telenor Network offer the best packages for tourists, that are the most reasonably priced and reliable.

To get a data only package you will need to go to a Telenor sales outlet.

You'll need your passport or other proof of identity and from there on the set up procedure is a breeze. Cards or Cash are accepted. The sales teams will ensure you have the right type of SIM for your device and also activate the account as well, so you are ready to go straight away.

If you need a SIM Modem for your laptop, Telenor have these too, but be aware that the modems are locked to the Telenor network and wont be useable with any other SIM cards. Cracking the Modem is also a "no no" and will render the modem useless should you try.

Should you run out of data (as we frequently do) "Top Ups" can be bought at almost every corner shop or by using the Telenor Website.

Controlling your data use is also extremely simple by accessing the Telenor site as well (I created a home screen shortcut on my iPhone to make life a tad simpler for me). This is extremely useful, especially if you have young people in tow.

Streaming youtube can be a data "Monster Muncher".If you want to use your device etc as a "hot spot" is also easy to set up.  

Configuration information is HERE.

Of course, you could always bring your MiFi?

So, if you're planning on visiting Montenegro, we hope the information above will be of use and maybe save some time in getting on-line ASP, rather than wandering around doing "on site" research.

What Internet Tips for Tourists or advice do you have when travelling, as regards getting online quickly?

We would love to know.Safe Travels :)

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internet tips for tourists - why you should use telenor in montenegro