Sok od Jabuke - Making Apple Juice

This year has been catastrophic for us as far as fruit harvest is concerned.

From the crazy weather changes from Cold to Hot and back again (more than once), the blossoms on our fruit trees were destroyed.

Having said that the grapes and berries seemed to have survived, but we’ll see by how much.

Normally we distill most of our plums into Rakija and the apples into juice.

Normally, we would be planning to take the (normally), many many kilos of apples apples from our garden orchard, to Tamara’s uncles place in a neighbouring village, to be turned into pure, healthy, apple juice.

It's a simple and traditional process, but does take time, and care.

Here's the process, from last year. From grinding the apples, to squeezing the juice, to bottling and pasteurisation.

To be totally honest, there is nothing quite like "real" fruit juice.

Fingers crossed that next Spring will be once again back with “Normal” weather.

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