Promaja, Gallstones and Jazz

It's started to get busy here in the Shire.

Spring is full flow. All around in the village my neighbours are in their fields and large gardens, planting, preparing, painting, installing.

A true hive of activity.

It's the same for Tamara and me, although more digitally focussed.

Heres our latest weekly video.

In this episode, Tamara and I discuss the Balkan Phenomenon that is known as "Promaja", we find out that Tamara has a Gallstone, and look back to 1955 when Jazz greats, Quincy Jones, Dizzy Gillespie and Lionel Hampton played a concert in Banja Luka.

Just an observation, but when I took Tamara to the local equivalent of "A&E" (ER in the states), it has started to dawn on me that the medical care system in BiH, although lacking in some areas, is not as bad as other countries.

As I said, just an observation.


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