Stari Zanatski

gospodska - banja luka

Stari Zanatski.

Walking through the rather elegant "Gentlemans' Street" (Gospodska Ulica), in the centre of Banja Luka, the Austro-Hungarian influence on the city still is very much in evidence.

The quintessential building style brought to the area after some five centuries of Ottoman occupation, is forever present.

Today, the street is "covered" by thought proving displays, as are many other city centres around Europe it seems these days.

As you walk along Gospodska, you'll notice small alleyways that lead to an amazingly quaint, but until recently a rather run down, area of mainly gold and silver shops and trendy coffee bars.

I might be wrong, but this area is called Stari Zanatski, roughly translated, means "Old Craftsmen".

Makes sense actually.

This does look like a place where tradesmen would have been centuries ago. It has, (for me), somewhat of an Ottoman feel to it.

gospodska - banja luka
godspodska - banja luka
godsposka - banja luka
godspodska - banja luka

History NEVER leaves.

In all the years of visiting Banja Luka, I have spent hardly more than an hour in this particularly interesting part of the city.

In fact the last time, was to wolf down some fast food at a Cap Cap outlet. Whatever people might say, pljeskavica from Cap Cap has to be tried!

capcap - banja luka

This part of Banja Luka city centre is great for sitting, relaxing and drinking coffee with a glass of water, of course, to keep hydrated.

For non Eastern and South Eastern Europeans, drinking water with your coffee is a great habit to adopt.

If you are thinking of visiting Banja Luka (and you seriously should), then drop me a line.

I’d love to help.