Finding the Švrakava Waterfalls.

We have often driven southbound, along the east bank of the River Vrbas, either on our way to Ljubačke Doline or taking a short cut across the mountains to Sarajevo, via Kneževo.

There is a brown “place of interest sign” that I have always looked at, pointing left to the Švrakava Waterfalls.

It wasn’t until recently, that Tamara said “we should go and see it”.

That’s what we did recently, on a hot Balkan morning.

Using Google Maps didn’t give much assistance, although the waterfalls are marked, and, we had to ask people along the way where to go.

The route IS NOT clearly marked at all.

To be honest, the single track road, partly asphalt the remainder gravel, took us through great countryside and remote hamlets.

On arrival at the waterfalls, there is a small wooden rest place, with covered seating and the location seems to be a great place for a remote BBQ.

Despite being really off the beaten track, there were signs linking Švrakava to the “Via Dinarica” route, something I found very interesting.

The waterfalls are small.

To get up close to the cascade needs a bit of negotiation of the surrounding rocks.

They are a bit slippery with moss etc.

Not too difficult, but for a 66 year old, who is not as sure footed as he used to be, as well as holding a drone remote controller, I decided to play it safe.

Looking back at the visit, I have to be honest and say that the lack of rubbish collection facilities spoilt the atmosphere.

Despite this, I got the impression not many foreigner type tourists visit. It is after all, as I have said before, “off the beaten track”.

Checking trip advisor, there were only a few reviews, and they were from locals.

YouTube had a single video, posted some 9 years ago!

So. If you are someone that wants off the regular tourist trail, and seeks something unusual and “slow” a trip to the Švrakava Waterfalls could be for you.

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