The Banja Luka Viber Stickers

I am always late to the party it seems.

This time it concerns stickers.

Viber stickers to be precise

Viber, the chat and messaging platform uses stickers to colour messages utilising cartoon type graphics.

Recently, Tamara sent me a message with a sticker that showed one of Banja Luka’s noticeable buildings, the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

Banja Luka now has its own sticker pack.

The idea it seems, is part of promoting Banja Luka, using digital communication platforms and also complements the city’s own recently launched Viber channel, that provides both citizens and tourists with a “one stop shop” for information.

If you use Viber and are having difficulty finding the sticker pack to download then please drop me a message (on Viber) at: 00387  66 273690.

Or drop me an email at:

I’ll try and help.

BTW, the official end date for downloads is late September 2019.