I have always had a fascination with radio.

I helped launch a land based Pirate radio station back in 1969 in London and later worked for some cool radio stations as a presenter.

I think that audio has the amazing ability to connect people that maybe video or text (blogs etc) cant.I mean, try cutting a cucumber ready for dinner and at the same time watch your favourite vlog.Its difficult right?

But you CAN cut that cucumber and listen to a podcast :)

Also, when you're travelling, on holiday, or just passing time, without your laptop in tow, you can listen to podcasts on your phone.

Podcasts are really a cross between radio and blogs.

On The Balkan Adventures Podcast, I talk about my everyday life here in the Western Balkans, people I meet and things I see.

Some episodes are not serious and some serious.

I hope that you'll subscribe to the podcast.