Wire Tapping

There’s talk of forest fires
Amber watches set for midday warnings
I didn’t sleep well
I crawl to the balcony like a boiled pepper
From yesterday’s sun sessions
Peering at a limestone mountain range in Kotor Bay
Through white balustrades, on duck egg blue water
Olive trees and green figs
White boats and cruise liners

Bored wishing I was back in London grey skies
On account of the blistering heat, screaming kids from Serbia
And the crap karaoke singer
With a voice like a strangled cat in the middle of the night
He keeps the holiday makers up
Practising for next years Eurovision Song Contest
My eyes wander to second-storey windows
Anti-glare curtains and patio doors
Thrown wide open gasping for air
Beach towels drape over chalk walls
Hanging gently in the cool breeze

My eyes catch a glimpse of a naked mermaid like
Long haired, long limbed beauty
Tempting my voyeuristic nature, teasing frustration with sleek hands off deportment
I’m bird spotting
Whitethroats dart through leafy canopies
Pigeons launch from terracotta rooftops
Chaffinches chirp pink tones
Swallows bank and dive
For one last glance at the temptress
Exposed exploiting my frailty
But she is gone, gone forever.